University of Algarve

Short Description

 The University of Algarve is a leader in teaching  and research in marine sciences, fisheries, aquaculture,  biodiversity and conservation in Portugal. The University, with approximately 9500 students, offers a variety of BSc, MSc and PhD programmes in these areas. The largest research centre is the Centre of Marine Sciences (CCMAR), with around 200 researchers, including 83 PhDs. Since 2002, together with CIIMAR (Interdisciplinary Center for Marine and Environmental Research), University of Porto, CCMAR has been part of the CIMAR, Associated Laboratory, forming the largest marine research institute in the country. The ongoing research in CCMAR focuses on various aspects of marine life and ecosystems, covering areas such as Molecular Biology and Biotechnology of marine organisms, Genetics of Populations, Endocrinology, Biophysics, Aquaculture, Biodiversity and Ecology of marine populations and communities, Ecohydrology, Organic Chemistry, Environmental Technologies and the Study and Management of Fisheries Resources. The research developed in CCMAR has integrated several networks of excellence (Marine Genomics, Alginet, among others) financed by the European Union and the U.S. National Science Foundation.

Summary Role

The University of Algarve, through the Faculty of Sciences and Technology, will be one of the core members of the EMBC+ consortium. As with the EMBC program, the University of the Algarve will receive students for the first year of the Masters, participate in teacher mobility, receive students for thesis research, and participate in other activities such as the summer school and the thesis event. As a partner, the University of the Algarve EMBC+ representative(s) will take part in all coordination meetings and actively contribute to the dissemination of the EMBC+ program. The University of Algarve will provide a broad range of courses for the students to choose from. The students will have opportunities to take part in ongoing research through national and international projects, mainly through the Centre of Marine Sciences (CCMAR). They will also have the opportunity to take Portuguese language courses. The mobility office of the University of Algarve will receive the students, help them settle in and solve any problems that may arise.